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The past few months I have been working on a series called "Reflections" creating pieces each week in basically the same blue, yellow gold palette. Some are abstract and others more Zen inspired. Each is a reflection of my changing mood and state of mind during this unusual time. This piece turned a little whimsical and Shari had to get in the scene! "Zen Shari" 9 x 12
I know many of you are not feeling lucky right now and I feel awful about what is happening to people. Life events are discouraging and stressful. I hope this latest Ted art gives you a little smile. "Ted Wishes You Luck" 10 x 10 on canvas


In honor of National Women's Day - Here's "My Way" 24 x 48 This big haired girl with Gina the bird will probably never leave the studio but I thought she had something to say. Be who you are - wear what you want - have BIG HAIR - accessories matter - Be KIND - words do count - stop fearing life. Thank you! www.theresemisner.com


Can you imagine not having enough food to eat? I cannot but many people face the challenge of finding meals daily. When I was asked to donate a piece to the upcoming 14th Annual Empty Bowls event sponsored by Oregon State University, it said a quick YES! I wanted to create a piece with the theme in mind and here is "Only A Walnut". It is a very simple still life, and by design I wanted it to be a little stark. I added and scraped away layers to get the rustic background and maybe bowl on a street look. The Empty Bowl fundraiser concept has been around since 1990 and now events are in almost every state. See the link attached for information on this simple and wonderful way to help your community.
As a painter I am often asked how I start a painting. I will say it can be crazy staring down a big white canvas at times. To help, I grab my charcoal and start to draw. Most of the lines will be covered up in the initial layers, but there is something special that happens when you make marks. Even for abstract compositions, I find they work out better when I first sketch down the layout. Similar to making that daily to do list, writing or drawing seems to commit your subject or ideas to your mind. You get to work it out then go for it.
Introducing the first painting of the year, I worked in acrylic and pastel to add the feel of velvety grasses on rolling hills. Created by imagination and inspired by the beautiful country of Oregon, I strived for a flowing easy landscape. I would love to be sitting under that tree!


Happy Holidays To You and Your Loved Ones!


Ted has many friends! I love creating what I call the Big Haired Girls collection of whimsical girls each with a free spirit. Keeping with the rustic almost animated style of the Ted and His Bird Friends series, the girls are drawn then painted with few facial details and lots of flowing hair. Many will have Ted or one of the bird characters helping them with their day. I hope this just for fun series makes you smile.
© Therese Misner. FolioLink © Kodexio ™ 2020
© Therese Misner. FolioLink © Kodexio ™ 2020